Unsecured Loans

  • Simple 1-Page Application
  • Tax Deductible Interest
  • Build Business Credit
  • 24 Hour Funding
  • Don't switch processors!

Cash Advance

  • Simple 1-Page Application
  • Up to 200% of Visa/MasterCard volume
  • $500,000 per location*
  • Options for any credit profile
  • Pay us when you get paid!

Revenue Advance

  • Simple 1-Page Application
  • Up to 100% monthly revenue
  • Larger Advances
  • Premium Rates
  • We collect a % of deposits

What people think of Bank Card Alliance


Bankcard Alliance allowed me to buyout a partner who wanted to pursue a new venture, now I’m free to run the company like I always wanted to, you guys are truly a diamond in the rough.


I wish I found you guys sooner!  I struggled with keeping my business and needed money to take it to the next level.  Without having to invest my personal money I was able to open 2 new locations within 1 year.


I found myself walking into my kitchen one morning with my freezer broken, I found you guys and within 72 hours I was able to  order new freezer and was back up and running in the same week. You guys are lifesavers!

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